Our Vision

We aspire to transform each student into multifaceted personality. We also aspire & desire that each of our students should set an example for others to follow, by the virtue of his positive deeds & optimistic approach towards life.Children at Bosco blossom under the love and affection of their teachers.

   Manager's Desk

Individual defines himself by the virtue of thoughts which they choose and encourage. A man's character is the complete sum of all his thoughts. Act is blossom of thoughts. Joy and suffering are its fruits. A noble and divine character is not a..............

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   Principal's Desk

Education in the 21st century is not just about classroom learning and the memorising of facts. Education in its fullest sense is active, not passive. It encompasses the development of skills such as the ability to think more deeply, to analyse, evaluate.....

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   Vice-Principal's Desk

Traversing all conventionalities, education has ushered in an era where smart technology has transformed the learning experience of students. The ultimate aim of education is getting the best out of the student. It is the process wherein every educator aspires to
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