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Facilitators’ Podium
Moving forward with our abiding commitment of doing full justice with the just cause of providing quality education to our lovely students, we at Bosco Public school have started this section, which contains sought after work by our sincere teachers and other staff members. The aim is to share information that can continually benefit the students In providing value based education.
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16-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 16 2017 politeness is a virtue but we also be firm when required
14-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 14 2017 Remember that failures are stepping stones on the way to success.
10-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 10 2017 Change the world around you, one compliment at a time
09-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 9 2017 Work hard today and reap the benefits throughout your life.
08-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 8 2017 Doubts Help us attain wisdom and take right decisions
04-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 4 2017 Stop to watch a chirping bird- it’s a natural way to connect with nature.
03-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 3 2017 It is better to be self-reliant in the quest for truth
02-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 2 2017 If We Do Not Laugh At The Same Joke, Why To Cry Over The Same Problem?
01-Aug-2017 Inner Voice 1st August 2017 Quotations help us in seeking ways to lead a meaningful life.
31-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 31 2017 Hurdles Are A Part And Parcel Of Our Lives , We Should Not Lose Heart.