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Facilitators’ Podium
Moving forward with our abiding commitment of doing full justice with the just cause of providing quality education to our lovely students, we at Bosco Public school have started this section, which contains sought after work by our sincere teachers and other staff members. The aim is to share information that can continually benefit the students In providing value based education.
DateTeachers NameDescriptionImage
07-Sep-2017 Inner Voice September 7 2017 Live The Life In Present With The Positive Approach Towards Everything
06-Sep-2017 Inner Voice September 6 2017 Writing Is A Meditative Way To Keep Life Afloat During A Severe Crisis
04-Sep-2017 Inner Voice September 4 2017 If At First You Do Not Find Success Turn over The Pages of Life.
31-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 31 2017 Is Cynicism Robbing You Of The Joy Of Giving To The Needy
30-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 30 2017 Utilise the gift of reason and wisdom to make life beautiful
29-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 29 2017 Knowledge Edge Makes Us See The Realities Of Life In Their True Colours.
28-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 28 2017 The Feeling Of Love Once Experienced Stays with You for a lifetime.
25-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 25 2017 failures Are Pillars Of Success Never Let Your Dreams Take A Backseat
24-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 23 2017 Let Us Be True To Every relationship And Be Happy For Everyone
24-Aug-2017 Inner Voice August 24 2017 Comparisons are Fruitless Carve A Niche For Yourself