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Facilitators’ Podium
Moving forward with our abiding commitment of doing full justice with the just cause of providing quality education to our lovely students, we at Bosco Public school have started this section, which contains sought after work by our sincere teachers and other staff members. The aim is to share information that can continually benefit the students In providing value based education.
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15-Nov-2017 Inner Voice (November 15, 2017) We Should Always Say What We Mean And Mean What We Say
14-Nov-2017 Inner Voice (November 14, 2017) Ideas Can Very Well Help Us Carry Out Our Obligations In Life.
13-Nov-2017 Inner Voice (November 13, 2017) Humor Can Be Tool To Fight The Odds Stacked Against You
08-Nov-2017 Inner Voice (November 8, 2017) Music Creates Magic In Old Age By Helping One To Stay Calm And Relaxed
07-Nov-2017 Inner Voice November 7 2017 Smile And Prepare To Fight For All That Is Good And Beautiful
06-Nov-2017 Inner Voice November 6 2017 Selfless Service is The Best Option For Earthly And Spiritual Happiness
03-Nov-2017 Inner Voice November 3 2017 Try To Enhance Your Inner Beauty And See The Difference
02-Nov-2017 Inner Voice November 2 2017 To Live Creatively Keep Adding New People To Your Circle
01-Nov-2017 Inner Voice November 1 2017 We Must All to Work To Work Without A Reward In Mind
31-Oct-2017 Inner Voice October 31 2017 The Ability To Say Sorry Can Save You From Difficult Situations