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Facilitators’ Podium
Moving forward with our abiding commitment of doing full justice with the just cause of providing quality education to our lovely students, we at Bosco Public school have started this section, which contains sought after work by our sincere teachers and other staff members. The aim is to share information that can continually benefit the students In providing value based education.
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20-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 20 2017 A Simple Act of Kindness Has The Power to Inspire many Benevolent Acts
19-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 19 2017 It Is Important That We Maintain A Healthy Diet For The Soul As Well
18-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 18 2017 You Get The Best Results When You Work With A Quiet And Calm Mind
17-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 17 2017 Commitment Leads To Action And Actions Bring Your Dream Closer
15-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 15 2017 Empathy Is A Virtue That is Rare To Find and Tough To Inculcate
14-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 14 2017 Staying In The Moment Can Help Us Overcome Stresses In Our Lives
13-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 13 2017 Helping Others Is One Of The Greatest Joys Of Life
12-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 12 2017 Always Nurture Self Belief, The Key Ingredient For Success.
11-Jul-2017 Inner Voice July 11 2017 Only those who view adversity as a gateway can hope to succeed
24-Nov-2016 Sheetal Khanna Nature of Sun