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FebruaryFriday(Nur-KG)1. Stick Puppet,2. Flower with Origami. (I-II)1. Spray Painting,2. Scenery with Leaf Impression.
JanuaryFriday(Nur-KG)1. Free hand Drawing,2. Leaf Impression. (I-II)1. Best out of Waste,2. Vegetable Printing.
DecemberFriday(Nur-KG)1. Cotton Pasting in Santa's Face,2. Paper Folding. (I-II)1. Xmas Tree,2. New Year Card.
NovemberFriday(Nur-KG)1. Vegetable Printing. (I-II)1. Drawing and decoration of Lord Ganesha.
OctoberFriday(Nur-KG)1. Free Hand Drawing of Gandhiji's Stick,2. Mask Making,3. Diwali Craft .(I-II)1. Free Hand Drawing of Gandhi Ji,2. Mask Making,3. Diwali Craft
SeptemberFriday(Nur-KG)1. Bindi Pasting.(I-II)1. Photo Frame
AugustFriday(Nur-KG)1. Rakhi Making,2. Matki Decoration,3. Independence Day Craft.(I-II)1. Rakhi Making,2. Kite Making,3. Flute Making
JulyFriday(Nur-KG)-1. Peacock making with Hand Impression,2. Craft with paper plate. (I-II)-1. Tearing and Pasting,2. Paper Crumbling.
MayFriday(Nur-KG)-1. Card Making,2. Thumb Printing.(I-II)-1. Ear Bud Printing,2. Ice-Cream Stick Pasting
AprilFriday(Nur-KG)-1. Colouring,2. Fist Printin(Earth Day). (I-II)-1. Globe Making with a Ball,2. Thumb Printing