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Assessment and Evaluation
      Assessment & Evaluation will be done as per C.B.S.E. guideline.
  Total 100 marks
(Syllabus for assessment will be of only Class-X)


80 Marks (Board Examination)
Student has to secure
33% marks out of 80
marks in each subject.

20 Marks
(Internal Assessment)
Student has to secure 33% marks out of overall 20
marks earmarked in each subject
Periodic Test
(10 Marks)
(5 Marks)
Subject Enrichment
(5 Marks)
(i) (ii) (iii)
Language 1 Board will conduct
Class-X Examination
for 80 marks in each
subject covering 100%
syllabus of the subject
of Class-X only.
Marks and Grades both
will be awarded for
Individual subject.
9-point grading will be
same as followed by
the Board in Class XII.
Periodic written
Test, restricted to
three in each
subject in an
Academic Year.
Average of the
best two tests to be
taken for final
marks submission
This will cover : · Regularity · Assignment Completion
· Neatness & upkeep of notebook
Speaking and Listening
Language 2
Speaking and Listening skills
Science Practical Lab Work
Mathematics Maths Lab Practical
Social Science Map Work and Project Work